Cleaner and phone booster app Android

cleaner phone booster apk

Cleaner and phone booster app Android

Out of many cleaner apps in the market now the cleaner is becoming the most famous app for keeping your android cleaner and faster like clean master apk. Now this app has become a must have app in your android store. This is a super cleaner app for your android. If you do not possess a cleaner app in your android the performance of the device will get lesser and lesser though the hardware configurations are in a better standard. Time to time cleaning and boosting of the android is a must if you need a better performing android.

Features of cleaner – phone booster apk

Super faster: the cleaner app is super-fast when acting. For every action it takes only a few seconds. Tap and the action is completed by the cleaner. 

Easy to handle: the app is very easy to navigate. The things we need are mentioned in quite a sweet and short way. Directly you can command to do whatever the thing needs to be done. The app cleaner is with a nice interface which is very attractive.

Delete junk files: do you know that our androids get filled up with many unwanted files with the time. These are normally temporary files that are created by some of the apps, websites and processes to provide a smooth functioning of a target one process. These files are with no use once they are used for a particular task. So those are the files that you must remove from your android if you need to maintain your android in a better situation. By deleting junk files the android will be able to free up the memory. This will enable the device to perform faster and smoother.

Boost the android: the app cleaner helps you to clean speed up your android by freeing the RAM and also deletion of the junk files also lead to boost the speed of the android.

AppLock: if you need to secure your privacy the cleaner app allows opportunity for that purpose also. There is a feature named AppLock that will allow you to lock some apps that you may need like gallery, Facebook, messages etc. from other parties.

Battery saver: this is also a benefit that you can relish if you are using a cleaner app in your android. The battery saver feature of cleaner helps you to hibernate some power consuming background running apps. This will lead to saving your battery and extend the battery life also.

In addition there are many more other benefits that will be provided by this cleaner phone booster apk. You can know them by yourselves if you got this app in your app store.

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