PiePie Launcher Pro APK

PiePie Launcher pro

PiePie Launcher Pro APK

By using the PiePie launcher you can make your device more unique and beautiful. Therefore this PiePie launcher will be known as the android 9.0-pixel style launcher.

There are more advanced features included here. Although these features are useful to make your device more efficient. There are more uses of the app. Therefore I am thinking of moving our further discussion with the uses of the app. PiePie launcher is an app with a size of about 6.17 MB. CraftsApp team offered the PiePie launcher APK to the users. Now you have a brief idea about the PiePie launcher app. Then we will move with its unique features.

Features of the PiePie launcher APK

Below listed some of the main features of this launcher. There are plenty of customization features available. You can install this app and try all those features for free.

Launcher with pixel styles

You could review all the apps on the full-screen mode by swiping up from the Dock, can tint the Dock, placing the widgets and the Google search bar and you can use circular folder styles in the PiePie launcher.

In the above we identified the PiePie launcher as 9.0 but the PiePie launcher is supported to the android versions from 6.0 to 9.0. The default version is 9.0. If you want to change the style of the launcher you could change it by setting the folder.


You could Customise the home screen by the style of the labels, the layout of the screen, and the icon size.

The scroll effect even can be selected as you wish. There are up to 14 styles. Out of them your favorite one can be assigned as the scroll effect of your device. Other than the above you could change the style of the widgets, clock, and the format of the date. The search bar style also can be changed as you wish.

The size of the icon and the style of the labels can be changed. Then you can change the style of the dock by changing the height, arrow, and from the labels of it. Customize the opacity, layout, and background color. There are some icon packs here. From there you could change the shapes of the icons. You could Customise the pop-up style, The radius of the corner. You can change the whole behavior of the phone likes the rotation of the screen.

PiePie Launcher apk


There are more gestures included in the PiePie launcher app. Approximately there are about seven of them.

You can perform your actions very fast from the Customisation of the pop-ups. Also you could use shortcuts for that process. You are allowed to change them from the settings.

The PiePie launcher app consumes less power for the process. Also, you could feel more experience smoothly.

Maintenance of the safety

Safety is a required thing for all of us. PiePie launcher allows you to hide the app.

You can enable the kids’ mode from here. The facilities to backup and restore are even provided by the PiePie launcher app.

Theme Availability.

There are more unique icon packs here. Some of those themes are free of charge. But most of them are charged. So then you have to get them by paying.

Wide varieties of wallpapers are here.

Those above are the main features of an app like this. This is not officially assigned as a Google product. For the work of this app the permission of the device administrator is required. Other than the existed Features there are some more have added. What are them?

What’s new on Pie Pie Launcher APKK

The reported bugs have fixed by the developer. Now we have come towards the end of here. I told you more about the PiePie launcher. Surely this app will make your device more unique from others. Therefore use the PiePie launcher and identify the difference.

You can easily download and install launcher for free using AC Market. AC Market is a Android app store like play store where you can download and install any app or game for free.

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