Record keeping in goat farm

Record Keeping Goat

Record keeping in goat farm

Goat record keeping refers to the system of collecting, organizing and securely storing of critical information related to goat farm management. Record keeping is considered to be a crucial part in any farm because it directly affects the management and operation of the farm. Most importantly, efficient record keeping will be a great tool for continuous improvement of your farm. Traditional method of goat keeping was limited to paper-based systems but now it has deviated to digital platforms and software.  Normally, the record keeping process differs from farm to farm. However, it is always recommended to adapt to a simple system rather than going for a complicated one.

Importance of Record Keeping

Helps to trace the goats

Record keeping will provide you access to track any individual or clusters of goats. You can easily generate or filter any detail related to the animals such as lists of goat kids, different weight groups, individual or group daily gain (average daily gain) or any other record as per your requirements. This will be helpful in determining the annual value increase as a whole and to track the increase in the income or predicted income.

Management of the Animals

Detailed record keeping will also include all the critical information such as health records of animals, pedigree, genetic evaluation, and history of progeny performance which will assist in the management of the animals.

Identification of trends

Highlighting most important information in the record sheets will help the management of the farms to efficiently identify the trends.

Information to Maintain

Goat ID forms

These include information such as color, pedigree, and even a photograph of the goat for easy identification.

Medical Record Form

Information such as the date of birth of goat kids, time, and date of disbudding, disbudded by whom, when the goats were dewormed, dates of vaccination and past illnesses and injury and how they were treated will be tracked in this form.

Kidding Record

Each of the does can have a separate kidding record sheet which tracks information such as date of bred time of kidding and number of kids she bred. This form must be able to identify trends and patterns related to kidding.

Records of Progeny

Generally, one sheet per each buck is used to record which doe was bred with it each year, how many kids were born (Does and bucks separately) and additional notes will be kept.

Apart from all the above information, you can also keep separate records related to

  • Birth dates
  • Milk records
  • Treatment record Service dates

You can use record keeping for cattle farming too.


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